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Thursday 22nd February 2024   
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Pipe Flow Expert Software -Annual License Renewal and Support

Unrivalled Software Support, Help with Modeling Issues and Free Upgrades to New Releases
From version 7 onwards, we have replaced the previous Annual Support and Software Maintenance with an Annual License Renewal and Support fee. For users that always kept their support and software maintenance current, this change will essentially have no impact.

We now provide an initial 12 months license to use the Pipe Flow Expert Software and this includes technical support (including help with modelling issues) and free upgrades to new releases of the software, as they become available during this period.

Note: The license can be renewed annually (at a low cost) and this extends your license for a further 12 month period from when your current license runs out.

Annual License Renewal and Support Fee
When your license is within 30 days of running out, the Pipe Flow Expert software will highlight this to you. You can purchase the Annual License Renewal and we will then send you a token that will allow you to immediately generate a new license, once your current license runs out.

Simply add the Annual License Renewal to your shopping cart and then 'Checkout' in the normal manner, making payment with your credit card. You will automatically be emailed an invoice and a receipt that confirms your purchase of the license renewal.

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Benefits of Annual Licensing for Users of Pipe Flow Expert:

We always aim to provide world class, unrivalled support, and in order to maintain a high level of service and fast response times, we need to ensure that all users share the cost of the benefit they receive from this.

We want all users to be able to run the very latest version of the Pipe Flow Expert software.

It provides significant benefits to users, including improved capability and productivity, and it allows us to provide outstanding support by focusing on one version of the Pipe Flow Expert software.

In simple terms: We continually improve the Pipe Flow Expert software and users benefit from free upgrades, world class technical assistance, and a very high level of unrivalled support. Everyone wins.

Version Upgrades
You will be free to download and install the latest version of our Pipe Flow Expert software, which will ensure you have the best software for designing and modeling your pipe system, and for calculating the flow rates and pressure drops throughout your pipe system. Product upgrades give you access to latest features and functionality, making you more productive and saving even more time and effort.

You will be able to use the 'Move this License' option from your current program in order to tranfer it to a new computer (free of charge). This process generates a removal confirmation number, which you email to us, together with the product code from the installation to a new computer. We then generate and email back a new license code. Your software will always be up to date, and you can move between computers.

Email Support
You will gain access to our engineers via email support (and telephone support when needed) for issues related to the set up of the program and how to use a specific feature. While not all questions related to engineering know how are covered under support, we will always try to help within reason.

We do try to help with modeling issues where the user is looking for guidance on the best way of modeling a particular scenario, but for legal reasons we cannot provide specific engineering advice. The Annual License includes Support and also covers all installation issues and operating issues.

Telephone Support
Telephone support can be provided for all installation issues, including moving a license to a new machine. We can also provide telephone support for technical modeling issues if necessary, however these issues and others related to operation of the program and functionality of the software, are normally handled by email.

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