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Pipe Flow Software - Latest Release Information

Pipe Flow Expert version 8.17 - released August 2023.
Pipe Flow Expert version 8.16 - released April 2023.

Version 8 is a major release update with significant program enhancements.

The following features and updates are available in version 8:

New Orifice Component:
  • Orifice Component Calculations:
    Sharp Edged Orifice
    Round Edged Orifice
    Bevel Edged Orifice
    Thick Edged Orifice
    Calculates pressure loss through orifices for liquid systems.
    Calculates pressure loss through orifices for gas systems.
    Automatically takes account of the gas density at the entry of the orifice.
    Calculates for orifices in straight pipes.
    Calculates for orifices in transition sections
    (where the upstream and downstream pipes are of different size diameters)
Orifice Auto Sizing:
  • Orifice Component Sizing:
    Auto size orifice diameter to achieve a specified flow rate.
    Size orifice diameter to produce a given pressure drop
    (for a required flow rate, at a specific Orifice inlet pressure)
    Orifice component sizing works for both liquids and gases.
Calculation Engine Enhancements:
  • Improved Calculation Engine Algorithm:
    Significant improvement in handling complex edge cases in large pipe networks.
    Improved identification and selection of critical pipe loops when generating equations.
    Enhanced convergence algorithms.
Decimal Places:
  • Decimal Places Configuration and Overrides:
    By default, numbers are displayed to an appropriate number of decimal places
    (based on the given value and unit, and this generally works well in most cases)
    New functionality allows the user to override and specify the number of decimal places
    for each unit (diameter, length, pressure loss, etc) when values are displayed
    - On System Drawing
    - On Results Sheet
    - On PDF Report
Config Options:
  • Config Options Defaults:
    Config options can be saved as default values that are automatically loaded on start-up.
    New 'Editor' tab allows configuration of grid type and other drawing options.
Larger Drawing Area:
  • Drawing Area Size Increase:
    The total drawing grid size is now 200% of the previous size (twice as large).
    Drawing Tool options allow additional configuration of how 'rubber banding' starts and stops when drawing pipes.
Isometric Selection Enhancement:
  • Isometric Selection Rectangle is now available on Isometric Plane:
    Significantly improved selection capabilities when in Isometric mode.
    Selection can now also draw a rectangle in the 3D Isometric plane
    (which enables better selection of items as they are laid out in the Isometric view).
Drag and Drop Selections to Connect onto Existing Drawing:
  • Selection Copy/Paste/Move to Join On to Existing Parts of the Model:
    Both 2D selection and 3D Isometric selection now allow the selection to be moved and placed in a new position that 'joins' onto an existing part of the system.
    Nodes within the selection that overlap existing nodes within the main system are automatically removed.
    Pipes within the selection are joined onto the existing nodes
    (effectively 'attaching' the selection onto part of the existing model).
Move Tool allows Connection to Existing Drawing:
  • Move Tool Enhancement:
    Moving a node to stretch, shorten, or reposition an existing pipe that is connected to it, now allows the selected node to be placed over a different node within the existing system, to join the pipe on to this part of the model. The selected node is automatically removed and end of the pipe is connected on to the other existing node.
Individual Copy and Paste of Fittings, Components, Control Valves, and Pumps:
  • New context sensitive popup submenu
    Allows individual items on the current pipe to be copied to their own clipboard.
    An individual fitting, component, control valve, or pump can be pasted onto a different pipe.
    (either within the same system, or on another system that is open in a separate tab).
Group Updates on Pipes:
  • Group Update of Items on a Pipe:
    Now supports group copy of control valves and pumps (as well as fittings and components).
    A control valve can now be added to the Default Pipe, on the Pipe Data tab in Config Options.
    The default control valve can then be copied onto a selected group of pipes.
    A pump can now be added to the Default Pipe, on the Pipe Data tab in Config Options.
    The default pump can then be copied onto a selected group of pipes.
Group Updates on Nodes:
  • Group Update of Node Demands, In-Flows and Out-Flows:
    Specify and copy a demand in-flow to a selected group of nodes.
    Specify and copy a demand out-flow to a selected group of nodes.
    Specify in-flow multipliers and apply to a selected group of nodes.
    Specify out-flow multipliers and apply to a selected group of nodes.
Edit Grid, Selections, and Updates:
  • Edit Grid Improvements:
    Edit Grid now contains additional tabs for Sprinkler K components.
    Edit Grid Nodes tab provides capability to multiply In-Flow and Out-Flow demands by a factor.
    Edit Grid is now available when a selection is active and filters to show the selected items.
    The Edit Grid provides powerful filtering and group update functionality.
Drawing Zoom Scale:
  • Zoom Enhancement:
    Allow Drawing to Zoom Out down to 10% scale.
Background Images Zoom:
  • Zoom Enhancement:
    Zoom In and Zoom Out Buttons added for Background Images
Vectorized Background Images:
  • Image Imports and Background Images:
    Image import now supports Windows Metafile vectorized format.
    Allows zoom in and out while maintaining image quality without loss of resolution.
    Enhances ability to use background image drawing for tracing over when drawing pipes.
    Fully supports image resize, fading, and switch between grayscale and colour.
Results Sheet and PDF Report enhancement for Fittings:
  • Additional Fittings Data on Results Sheet and PDF Report:
    Individual fitting losses are now shown on the Fittings Tab within the Results Sheet.
    Calculation and display of individual Entry and Exit fitting losses within the Fittings Tab.
    The above items are also now displayed in the Fittings section of a PDF Report.
PDF System Drawing and Pump Graph Image Scaling:
  • Now supports scaling of system image and pump graph image on high-res monitors.
    (with Windows scaling factors of 125%, 150%, 200%, 250%, & 300%)
PDF File Size Optimization:
  • Results PDF, System Drawing PDF, and Pump Sheet PDF files have been significantly reduced in size
    Optimized stored font information.
    Ability to select and choose different paper sizes when creating Results PDF documents.
Additional Example Systems:
  • An additional 8 new examples systems are included:
    New examples demonstrate modeling submerged pumps, ballast systems, and the use of Orifice components.
User Interface Improvements:
  • Hundreds of updates to improve the user experience:
    Includes interface performance improvements, added functionality, improved user messages, and enhanced warnings.

Pipe Flow Expert version 7.40 - released November 2016.

Pipe Flow Expert version 7.30 - released October 2015.

For Liquids and Gases:

Version 7 NOW ALSO Supports Compressible Isothermal Gas Flow calculations
                (all within the same single software application).

The following features and updates are available in version 7.30:

Compressible Gas Flow Calculation Engine:
  • Compressible Gas Flow calculations are now supported:
    General Fundamental Flow Equation
    Complete Isothermal Equation
    AGA Equation
    Weymouth Equation
    Panhandle A Equation
    Panhandle B Equation
    IGT Equation
    Calculates and solves gas networks that include compressors, components and other items.
    Supports entry and display of gas flow at standard volume such as SCFM, SCMH, and others.
    Automatically handles expansion and contraction of gas volumes.
    Automatically adjusts gas density for pressure conditions within the system.
    Allows gas data to be defined for specific system temperatures.
    Calculates gas flows and pressure losses (automatically accounting for density changes).
    Calculates gas entry and exit velocities within each pipe.
    Fittings can now be positioned at the start or end of a pipe.
    Enhanced Results Sheet for gas systems with additional information.
    Enhanced PDF Reports for gas systems that show additional attributes.
Compressible Gas Properties Calculator:
  • New gas properties calculator for extended range of gases including:
    Carbon Dioxide
    Carbon Monoxide
    Hydrogen Sulfide
    Nitrus Oxide
    Suplhur Dioxide
    Gas properties calculated over an increased range of temperatures and pressures.
    Specific Heat Ratio is now calculated.
    Compressibility factor is now calculated.
    Ideal Gas Density and Real Gas Density are calculated.
Compressible Gas Example Systems:
  • Over 20 new Example Systems are included for compressible gas systems.
    Compressible Gas Results Verification documents compares results to published data.
Support for High-Resolution Displays:
  • Supports high resolution displays (including 4K and 5K monitor screens).
    Drawing area canvas size is more than 4 times larger than in version 6.
Enhanced Results Sheet:
  • Support for compressible gas data.
    Shows gas flow in standard volume units and mass flow units.
    Shows entry and exit velocity.
    Shows Mach number.
    Shows entry and exit fitting loss.
    Shows gas density at each node.
    New tab shows Component data and results.
    New tab shows FCV (Flow Control Valve) data and results.
    New tab shows PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) data and results.
    New tab shows BPV (Back Pressure Valve) data and results.
    New Factors tab showing calculation factors such as Z compressibility factor.
Enhanced PDF Reports:
  • Support for compressible gas data attributes.
    New report data available for Components.
    New report data available for FCVs (Flow Control Valves).
    New report data available for PRVs (Pressure Reducing Valves).
    New report data available for BPVs (Back Pressure Valves).
    New report data available for Factors.
Enhanced Pump Drawings:
  • Select from 10 new realistic pump icon drawings.
    Automatic handles pump icon display for 2d and 3d isometric drawing.
    Choose color of pump for drawing purposes.
    Select size of pump graphic for drawing purposes.
Import Images:
  • Import Images on to the drawing.
    Supports automatic resize and scaling of the image if very large file is imported.
    Allows user to reposition image anywhere on the drawing.
    Allows user to resize the image by dragging edge points.
    Supports showing image in grey scale (toggle on/off).
    Allows user to draw pipes (and other items) over the top of the image.
    Supports fading to allow blend of pipe drawing over the top of the image.
Enhanced Drawing Interface:
  • User interface updates for general ease-of-use and productivity improvements.
    Clicks on overlapping items now show a popup to allow selection of item to open.
    Hover over fluid description now auto shows a popup with full fluid information.
    Hover over item on drawing now shows additional info and supports gas data.
Sprinkler K factors:
  • Support for sprinkler K factors.
    Supports Sprinkler K in imperial units (from gpm and psi)
    Supports Sprinkler K in metric units (from l/min and bar)
    Includes Sprinkler K (imperial) calculator from flow rate and pressure loss
    Includes Sprinkler K (metric) calculator from flow rate and pressure loss
  • Larger display area in Fitting Manager now shows all fittings for a particular pipe size.
    Fittings can now be positioned at the start or end of a pipe.
    Fittings losses at start of pipe are calculated and displayed.
    Fittings losses at end of pipe are calculated and displayed.
    Total Fittings losses on a pipe are calculated and displayed.
  • General interface improvements to enhance ease-of use.
    Shows full fluid details when hovering over fluid data.
    Drawing grid now detects single click over multiple items and asks which to open.
    Updated Example Systems.
Configuration Options:
  • Updated configuration options tab for Calculation parameters
    Separate calculation parameters for compressible flow calculations.
    Updated Labels options to allow change of font size for text on system drawing.
    Allows increased font size on system drawing when printing.
    Updated Units tab options allow for selection of system wide gas flow units.
    Updated options to allow for selection of standard conditions for gas flow.
Results Log:
  • Additional messages and warnings included in the results log.
    Checks for sonic velocity gas flow.
    Checks for node pressures below liquid vapor pressures.
    Plus checks for other data items and potential issues.

Pipe Flow Expert 2013 version 6.39 released February 27th 2013.

This is a major new release with powerful pump modelling updates.

Tabbed Design Sheets:
  • New Tabbed Design Sheets let you work on multiple systems simultaneously.
    Tabbed Sheets work just like Tabs in an Internet Browser.
    Tabbed Sheets work in both Design View and Results Mode.
    Switch between different system models with a single click.
    Easy to design, view, and compare results across multiple models.
    Easy to copy sections of drawings between different system models.
    Easy to demonstrate and review results for altered designs.
    No other pipe system design software has Tabbed Design Sheets like these.
Pump Modeling:
  • New Pump Modeling predicts performance across a range of speeds and impeller sizes.
    View Pump Graphs at different speeds and impeller size.
    Amazing predictive modeling capability from entry of a single curve.
    Efficiency predictions and drawing of Iso Line Efficiency curves.
    Import image of manufacturer's pump graph and click on points to model pump curve.
    Easy to fade imported pump graph, showing predicted curves on top.
    Easy to adjust predicted maximum impeller and minimum impeller curves.
    Easy to adjust predicted iso efficiency curves to match real pump performance.
    Easy to adjust predicted NPSH curves to to match real pump performance.
    Graph Options allow selection of curves: Efficiency line/iso, NPSH, System Curve
Pump Database:
  • New Searchable Pump Database.
    Over 100 example pumps included.
    Model your own pumps and easily add them to the Pump Database.
    Browse the Pump Database or Search a Pump Library for a pump.
    Search for pumps with specific design points such as flow and head requirements.
    Automatic searching across a pump's complete performance data, considering a range of running speeds and different impeller sizes.
Pump Data Sheets:
  • New Professional Pump Data Sheets in PDF format.
    Easily generate pump documentation with one click.
    High resolution pump graph with performance curves.
    Show Pump data, Fluid data, Design data, & Operating notes.
    Show Design point and System curve.
    Show NPSHr and Power curves.
Edit Grid, Sheet View:
  • New Enhanced Edit Grid with Additional Tabs for Control Valves, Components & Pumps.
    Filter Edit Sheets by data matches on 'equals', 'less than', 'more than', or 'starts with'.
    Update Items Value on mass across all rows listed in the Edit Grid.
    Edit Control Valve settings for FCVs, PRVs, BPVs.
    Edit Component settings for Cv values, Kv values and fixed losses.
    Edit Pump settings for fixed flow rate, fixed head increase, and fixed speed/impeller.
    Edit Pipe data, Tank data, and Node data.
Additional Fluid Zones:
  • Up to 20 fluid zones can be defined, each having different fluid properties.
    Calculations run against mass flow to ensure the overall system balance of flows and pressures according to the conservation of mass equations.
    Fluid Zone drop down now shows summary of fluid details.
Drawing Interface:
  • Modernised interface to support Windows Themed styles.
    Larger drawing grid, now supports 8700 x 6000 pixels (47% overall increase in size of grid).
    Scalable drawing items, such as large tank symbols.
    Graphic icons added alongside item description on menus.
    Auto Align Text Blocks on Drawing Sheet (left align to grid and top align to grid).
    Enhanced Mass Update of FCVs, PRVs, BPVs, Components, Cv values, Kv values, and Pumps.
    Tabbed Sheets for working with multiple systems.
Automatic Sizing of Fittings:
  • Automatic calculation of Nominal Pipe Sizes (based on Material and Pipe ID/OD).
    Automatic validation of consistent pipe data based on matching nominal size data.
    Option to automatically update pipe data based on associated nominal size data.
    Automatic check of fitting sizes against nominal pipe sizes.
    Automatic update and resize of fittings to match pipe sizes.
Enhanced Calculation Engine:
  • Improved warnings for over controlled systems.
    Improved reporting and logging of system design problems.
    Improved calculation convergence on large systems.
    Additional log messages
Enhanced Pipe Database:
  • New Pipe Material / Schedules files (in total now over 75 Materials/Schedules)
    Includes over 1000 rows of standard pipe material and size data for:
    Aluminium, Sch. 5s
    Aluminium, Sch. 10s
    Aluminium, Sch. 40
    Aluminium, Sch. 40s
    Aluminium, Sch. 80
    Aluminium, Sch. 80s
    Aluminium, Std Wall
    Brass, 16G
    Brass, 18G
    Brass, 20G
    Cast Iron (Asphalt Dipped), Class A
    Cast Iron, Class A
    Cast Iron, Class B
    Cast Iron, Class C
    Copper, DWV Drain,Waste,Vent
    Copper, Refrig. Service
    Copper, Table X
    Copper, Table Y
    Copper, Table K
    Copper, Table L
    Copper, Table M
    HDPE, SDR 7.3
    HDPE, SDR 9
    HDPE, SDR 11
    HDPE, SDR 13.5
    HDPE, SDR 17
    HDPE, SDR 21
    HDPE, SDR 26
    HDPE SDR 32.5
    PVC (ANSI), Sch. 40
    PVC (ANSI), Sch. 80
    PVC (ANSI) Chlorinated, Sch. 40
    PVC (ANSI) Chlorinated, Sch. 80
    PVC (AWWA), DR 14
    PVC (AWWA), DR 18
    PVC (AWWA), DR 21
    PVC (AWWA), DR 25
    PVC (AWWA), DR 32.5
    PVC (AWWA), DR 41
    PVC (AWWA), DR 51
    PVC (Iron Pipes Sizes), SDR 13.5
    PVC (Iron Pipes Sizes), SDR 17
    PVC (Iron Pipes Sizes), SDR 21
    PVC (Iron Pipes Sizes), SDR 26
    PVC (Iron Pipes Sizes), SDR 32.5
    PVC (Iron Pipes Sizes), SDR 41
    PVC (Iron Pipes Sizes), SDR 64
    PVC (Sewer Pipe), SDR 26
    PVC (Sewer Pipe), SDR 35
    Stainless Steel, Sch. 5s
    Stainless Steel, Sch. 10s
    Stainless Steel, Sch. 40s
    Stainless Steel, Sch. 80s
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 10
    Steel (ANSI) Sch. 20
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 30
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 40
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 60
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 80
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 100
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 120
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 140
    Steel (ANSI), Sch. 160
    Steel (ANSI), Std Wall
    Steel (ANSI), XS Extra Strong
    Steel (ANSI), XXS Dbl Extra Strong
    Steel (ANSI) Galvanised, Sch. 40
    Steel (ANSI) Galvanised, Sch. 80
    Steel (ANSI) Galvanised , Sch. 160
    Steel (SANS 62) Galvanised, Medium
    Steel (SANS 62) Uncoated, Medium
    Steel (SANS 62) Uncoated, Heavy
    Steel (SANS 719) Uncoated, 4.5mm Wall
    Steel (SANS 719) Uncoated, 8 mm Wall

Pipe Flow Expert 2010 version 5.12 released March 26th 2010.

This was a major release with significant program enhancements.

Customized PDF Report Generation:
  • New Automatic PDF Report Generation
    Now supports generation of customized PDF reports
    Cover sheet generation with capability to add your own logo
    Scalable vector drawing of the pipe schematic for high resolution printing
    Customizable tabulated results for fluids, pumps, pipes, nodes and energy
    Create professional PDF report documents with just a few clicks of your mouse
    Great for customer presentations and documenting your pipe design
    Provides PDF vector drawing of your pipe system for high resolution printing
Support for Cv and Kv Flow Coefficients:
  • New Cv/Kv Component allows specification of Cv and Kv flow coefficients.
    Calculated solution solves for flow and pressure loss based on Cv/Kv value
    Warns of potential choked flow for gas flow with high pressure drop
    Includes helper for determining a Cv or Kv value based on flow / pressure loss
    New component symbols added for Cv, Kv and general control valve type.
Increased Screen Resolution Capability:
  • Support for large screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1260 pixels
    Provides enhanced experience for users with large wide screen monitors
Enlarged Drawing Sheet:
  • Supports drawing sheet scale of 7100 x 5000 pixels
    Increased size of drawing sheet now provides 2.75 times larger drawing area
    More space available when designing large scale system drawings
Enhanced Fluid Database:
  • Increased size of fluid database and number of fluid data points supplied.
    Now includes over 400 fluid data points in total.
    Fluid database can now be sorted using the fluid pressure field
Enhanced Pipe Database:
  • Increased size of pipe database and number of materials/sizes supplied.
    New pipe material / schedules for an additional 15 types of pipe
    Over 180 new rows of pipe material/size data in total
    Includes pipe data for steel schedule 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 100, 120, 140
    Includes pipe data updates for galvanized steel specifications
    Includes pipe data for SANS 62 and SANS 719 specifications
Additional Free Text Annotations:
  • Allows users to add up to 1000 Text Annotations per drawing
    Each Text item now supports up to 25000 characters (previously was 250)
    Support fast click & edit of text items without switching to text tool
Other Updates:
  • New Common Modelling Solutions Example with common pipe system scenarios
    Closed pipes now shown in pipe drop down list
    Double click .pfe files to automatically run Pipe Flow Expert and open the file

Pipe Flow Expert 2009 v4.60 released July 2009 included:

The updates fall into 3 main areas:
a) New Improved Calculation Engine (enhanced solving capability and up to 10x faster)
b) New Drawing Interface Functionality (great ease-of-use and productivity enhancements)
c) New Interactive Results Sheet (intelligent drawing aware results grid with 2-way updates)

Calculation Engine Updates:
  • New Calculation Engine
    Now Supports 3 different methods of solution convergence
    Faster convergence for solving large systems (often 10x or more faster)
    Improved convergence and solving capability for complex systems
    Better analysis and approximation of initial solution
    Automatic 'instant' detection of negative flow and on mass reversal of pipe directions
    Significantly faster network analysis and loop generation algorithms
    Even more robust and more capable than previous calculation engine
  • New Calculation Analysis
    Identifies when and where system design will not work
    Allows troubleshooting of a system design that is not valid
    Finds best approximate solution and allows user to see where the design does not balance
    (will actually let the user review an invalid design and solution interactively in results mode)
  • New Calculation Verification and Validation.
    Node Pressure Balance Tolerance can now be set independently of Loop Loss Balance Tolerance
    Ensures node-to-node pressure checks meet an independent specified accuracy
    Provides ability to relax the node-to-node pressure verification check if required
Drawing Interface Enhancements:
  • New Pipe Drop Down for easy pipe selection with instant zoom to pipe option
    Users will find this unbelievably useful!
  • New Node Drop Down for easy node selection with instant zoom to node option
    Users will also find this unbelievably useful!
  • New Pop-Up Data Pane during hover over an item on the drawing screen.
    Makes it easy to quickly access and read underlying data values
    Provides more detailed information without requiring any mouse clicks
    Saves time and bring significant productivity benefits
    Again, users will find this unbelievably useful!
  • New Adhoc Selections and updates of individual non-grouped items.
    Allows on mass updates of pipe and node data fields, for non-grouped items, making it even easier to change a set of pipe sizes or other data values.
  • Faster Pan of Drawing.
    Panning now supported when in individual item selection mode.
    Panning now supported in results mode, even with Results Sheet open.
Interactive Results Mode Enhancements:
  • The Drawing Pane is now active even when the Results Sheet is displayed.
    The Results Grid and the Drawing Pane are now integrated so that selection of an item on one automatically updates the other, which provides a very intuitive, very easy-to-use, and very productive environment for reviewing and analysing the calculated solution results.
    Users will find this set of integrated features amazingly useful!
  • Results Pop-up Pane during hover over an item on the drawing screen.
    Provides instant access to detailed calculation results
    Allows fast and easy comparison of data between different pipes and nodes
    Shows calculated pump operating data
  • The Results Sheet can now be 'docked' and 'undocked'
    One click 'docks' the Results Sheet to the right
    One click 'docks' the Results Sheet to the bottom
    One click 'un-docks' the Results Sheet
  • Individual Rows on the Results Grid can now be selected.
    The highlighted item is also then highlighted in the drawing pane.
    Double click an item on the Results Sheet to automatically zoom it into view on the drawing screen.
Other updates:
  • Updated Pipe Database with additional data for HDPE pipe.
  • Improved Results Log with additional messages
    Identifies problem areas and reports calculated figures so that the user can more easily understand where and why a particular problem occurs.
  • Three new Isometric 3D Example Systems are provided.
  • New Pipe Flow Expert Results Verification Document.
    Now with 50 verification cases comparing results to published data.

Pipe Flow Expert 2009 v4.12 released 6th March 2009 included:
(required update if you are running version 4.10 or 4.11)
  • Isometric Drawing is now supported.
    Includes isometric grid for drawing
    Automatic rotation of symbols to look 3D
    Smart text positioning on Isometric grid
    Switch between Isometric view and Normal square grid view
    Easily translate existing drawing to Isometric View
  • Move Pipe while in Add Pipes Mode is now supported.
    Highlight pipe, click again to unlink and start rubber banding.
    Also available in 'Show' mode (when hovering over selected pipe) from 'right click' popup menu.
  • Mirror, Invert, and Rotation of Selections.
    Selection: Mirror Items Left/Right
    Selection: Flip Items Up/Down
    Selection: Rotate +90 degrees
    Selection: Rotate -90 degrees
  • Keyboard Shortcuts now supported.
    CTRL+X, CTRL-C, CTRL-V for Cut,Copy & Paste
    CTRL-DEL key for delete operations.
    CTRL+O for Open.
    CTRL+S for Save.
    CTRL+P for Print.
    CTRL+ALT+O for Open Examples.
    CTRL+R for Rotate +90 Degrees
    CTRL+ALT+R for Rotate -90 Degrees
    CTRL+M for Mirror Items Left/Right.
    CTRL+I for Invert Items Up/Down.
    CTRL+Z for Zoom to fit on screen
  • Pan of drawing now supported in 'Show' mode and 'Move' mode.
  • Right click of mouse while hovering over the drawing now returns the user to 'Show' mode.
  • Text entry now remembers details of last used font, style, & size.
  • Fitting K Factors now allow up to 4 decimal places.
  • Updated Component data entry display.
    Fixed issue which occurred if component flow units were changed to mass flow.
  • Pump Head in Results Log now shown in units of Pressure Loss.
  • Pump Suction Pressure and Pump Power have been added to the Pump Results Sheet.
    They are also shown when hovering over a pump in Results Mode (as they were previously).
  • Updated Pump Save to stand alone file now stores fixed flow and fixed head properties.
  • Improved print resolution for A3 printing.
  • Save drawing to EMF metafile format.
  • Sort Results Grid data by values in any column..

Pipe Flow Expert 2008 v3.11 released 7th July 2008 included:
  • Entry of data in Mass Flow rate is now supported.
  • Fluid Zones are now supported.
    Up to 9 fluid zones can be defined, each having different fluid properties. Calculations run against mass flow to ensure the overall system flows and pressures balance according to the conservation of mass equations.
  • Pressure Regulating Valves (PRVs) are now supported.
  • Back Pressure Valves (BPVs) are now supported.
  • Energy Units can now be selected on Config Options screen
  • Auto Save of files and file recovery is now supported.
  • Easier Pan of drawing is now supported while using standard 'Show' tool.
  • Pipe Flow Expert Quick Start Guide PDF is available from the help menu.
  • Pipe Flow Expert Results Verification PDF is available from the help menu.
  • Improved solution convergence for larger systems.
Pipe Flow Expert 2008 v2.05 released 9th January 2008 included:
  • Network Licensing is now available.
  • Installation to a Shared Drive is now supported. The software can now be installed to any hard drive including local drives, network drives or USB memory sticks.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste of multiple items is now supported. Multiple items can now be selected, updated, moved and copied. Items can even be copied between different drawings.
  • Multiple item updates are also supported.
  • Pipes and Nodes can now be amended as a group update with one operation to allow easy configuration of pipe diameters and node elevations (and many other attributes).
  • Coloring of pipes in design mode is now supported. Pipes can be drawn in different colors and line styles to aid in the visualisation of items within the system.
  • Results Screen now shows items according to a Color Gradient. A results item such as flow rate or pressure loss can be selected and automatically mapped on to a color gradient which is then used to determine the color of the item on the results screen. This feature makes it easy to visually see what is happening in your system, i.e. where the highest flows are, or where the highest pressure loss is.
  • Fixed Head Pumps are now supported. The pump head to be added can now be specified directly, which makes it easy to find out if a particular pump head is enough to solve your system and meet all of the design requirements.
  • Zoom to selected area on drawing in design mode.
  • Energy calculations are now shown on Results Sheet.

Pipe Flow Wizard
Latest Release: Version 1.12, 5th March 2010

This release provides several useability and bug fix updates which include:
  • Updated Calculation in Find Length screen
    If Imperial Units were selected and a volumetric unit was selected for liquid flow which was not present in the gas flow units and the user then switched to calculate gas flow (or the user reselected the gas flow units after switching to gases) then an incorrect flow rate was used in the calculation (compared to the data displayed on screen) which resulted in an incorrect length calculation. NOTE: This issue ONLY occured on the Find Length screen and has been fixed in this update.
  • Allow entry of numeric data without inclusion of a decimal point
Previous Release: Version 1.07, 4th April 2006

Pipe Flow Advisor
Latest Release: Version 1.01, 20th November 2005

Pipe Flow 3D
Latest Release: Version 1.042, 3rd December 2005
This program is no longer supported
It has now been superseded by Pipe Flow Expert.

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