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Sunday 21st July 2024   
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Customer Testimonials from Pipe Flow Users

We pride ourselves on treating our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are not your average company. We will respond to your emails and engage in personal communication because we know that's what we would want ourselves. Sounds too good? Try us, send an email to info@pipeflow.co.uk

Pipe Flow Software programs are used by professional engineers in over 100 countries worldwide.

What our customers say about Pipe Flow Software:

Here are some of the comments we have received in emails from existing PipeFlow users:
(we have marked up some of the words in 'bold')

Pipe Flow Expert has revolutionized the way we design, bringing a level of expertise to our work that has been instrumental in helping us to achieve greater energy efficiency in our fluid systems. See Al's full email.

Al Truss, Fountainhead Group Consulting Ltd.

Your excellent product is simply superb... let me say that I cannot speak highly enough of PipeFlow, your support and your products. See Rick's full email.

Rick Fuller, Hydraulic Modeling Engineer for Richmond CA

Pipe Flow Expert has been an extraordinary tool for me at Georgia-Pacific for the almost 3 years that I have been using it. It is one of the best programs in its genre that I have ever used.

Robert Gaston, Georgia-Pacific

I have to say, that I am very impressed with the software and it has enabled us to verify and incorporate possible solutions for the problem. See Steve's full email.

Steve Bowins, Bowins Group, Australia

I really appreciate your exhaustive and very detailed support. This is world-class support. We have made the right choice with Pipe Flow [Expert]... would recommend it to anyone. See Mr Laus's full email.

Kar-Wing Lau, VP of Operations, Allied Control Limited

[Pipe Flow Expert] Absolutely love this software...and the level of customer service is unbelievable.

Adam Gates, Marine Engineer, Guarino & Cox

Pipe Flow [Expert] has served me very well over the years and forms the foundation for all our pumping calculations. It’s a fantastic product which we have gained immense value from. Thank you.

Mike Raine, Principal Engineer, Complete Hydrocarbon Systems

We have modelled two systems: an airport refueling system (200 nodes) and an oil pump station fire suppression system (sprinklers and standpipes) and we are very happy with the results of the [Pipe Flow Expert] software and your service. See Francisco's full email.

Francisco Gottlieb, Mechanical Engineer, FGB

Thank you so much for the extremely rapid reply and excellent (as always) customer support and service. Pipe Flow continues to impress us as well as our customers with a great product and exemplary support.

Timothy Jordan, 3-Etech

The program is nothing short of wonderful, it has returned to me a lot of calculation time, optimised the review process and fostered a higher confidence with final designs.

Peter Louskos, integra Water Treatment Solutions

Great software, superlative service.

Martin Maurach, National Research Council, Canada

After using Pipe Flow Expert for a couple days, it seems like a wonderful piece of software! It's very easy to use! We look forward to completing our design and moving forward with the project.

Paul Elvikis, Engineers without borders

Thanks, I have just received the USB drive [portable version of Pipe Flow Expert software]. You are
an inspiration to us, for service support and efficiency. Great work.

Frans Stone, Spero, South Africa

Regarding the Pipe Flow Expert, I have to say that it is an excellent program... I used it in determining pressure drop for an existing system... it is amazing software and I will recommend it to my colleagues... Your EXCELLENT customer support, prompt and quick replies reflect the EXCELLENT product you have.

Nash Bakhit , Atlas Copco Compressors, Australia

Unbelievable service... much appreciated... wish all companies I dealt with were as proactive as yours.

Greg Hocking, MWH Global

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know... I’ve been very satisfied with your products and the level of customer service has been exemplary thus far... There’s nothing like [the] personal touch! I look forward to continued business with Pipe Flow.

Anthony L. Williams, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

I find your Pipe Flow Expert program excellent and easy to use... it certainly makes pipe flow and pressure loss calculations less time consuming... you can change one variable and quickly see the effect... useful for running 'what if' type scenarios when designing a pipe system... excellent value for money!

John Fitzgerald CEng MIMechE, Mechanical Design Team Leader, NUVIA Limited

I continue to be impressed with your expert assistance and prompt response. The Pipe Flow Expert [software] has been invaluable to us in the past years. Loop Tech installs underground heat exchangers for closed loop geothermal heat pump systems... glad to see that this new version includes HDPE pipe. Thanks again.

William E Greer, Loop tech Int'l

This piping system is in the ground already and the flows and pressures that we have measured are very close to the flows and pressures that Pipe Flow Expert predicted, I am very satisfied with your product, and I have already recommended it to another company.
Thank you for a quality product!!

Heath Gajan, Engineer

I was extremely impressed with both of the packages, although limited during the free trial. After the purchase I spent some time going through both packages and discovered that they will be a great benefit to me in my work.

Gordon, Celanese

My best wishes for the New Year to you and your guys. I am impressed with the amount of work done (and the commitment) and the level of expertise shown. Thank you also for your advice on how to handle problems if they would remain. .. Not often one finds such a service for something already payed up!

Peter Cupido, Peru

Many thanks for your prompt answer and your goodwill offer!!!! We are really satisfied with the software and we want to continue working with it especially with this new version.

Marco, Prosertec

We are really enjoying the software that we have ordered and will be recommending it to people in our industry. Great product and very user friendly for our guys to get up and running!

Cameron Bryant, MineCraft Consulting Pty Ltd

I down loaded the program and the Pipe Flow Expert product code is:928075069. I am almost certain that we will be purchasing at least 2 more licenses in the near future.

Warren, Hydro Geo Chem, Inc

...it all works perfectly! Brilliant, thanks. I really appreciate your efforts. This will make the design aspect of my work much quicker and easier. I will be very happy to recommend your programs and services...

Michelle Morrison, Senior Environmental Scientist, Wardell Armstrong LLP

Thank you very much. I am back up and running. I appreciate your help and your customer support is excellent!

Scott Kilgore, H & H Enterprises

Thanks for the assistance - great program!

Piers, Australian Marine Technologies

Thank you for coming back so quickly (and at such a late time!!!!!!). I will ensure all versions are activated this morning. Once again thank you for all your help.

Jeremy, Carl Bro

The sales service from Pipeflow is really professional... My problems as a result of a reinstallation on a new hard drive were quickly resolved. I am delighted with Wizard and anticipate being equally pleased with the Expert program as well.

Ian, Speer Compression Systems

Thanks ...... Everything is working perfectly... This is a very nice little program .... Very Useful .......again, thanks!

Jim, Trico

Thank you for all your help and assistance with this project. My company and our client are truly pleased with your friendly service, speed and awareness.

G Diaz, ADeB Consultants Ltd

I have used PipeFlow expert to complete my calculations, and have found it an extremely easy and self explanatory platform to work with.

Shaan Lalwani, Stony Brook University, New York

Thanks for the response, I have received the [Pipe Flow Expert software on] USB thumb drives today. Great Product!

Donald Lim, Waterland Services Pte Ltd, Singapore

I would just like to take a minute and say thank you. What could have been a long and drawn out task was completed quickly and concisely by your companies quality customer service.

Robert VanBuren, Cot-Puritech, USA

It's tough trying to cope with the inconvenience created by a crashed drive - but the quick support that you have provided makes it easier.

Sri Rajah, Director, Nexaldes Pte Ltd, Malaysia & Singapore

Thank you for your prompt reply... As usual your support is first rate.

Keith Sharp, Engineering Manager, TFA Project Group, Australia

I am loving your program, making life alot easier for me around here given that it is so easy and user friendly.

Cameron Bryant, MineCraft Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

It seems you are correct... Everything is working now... Many thanks for your prompt assistance – I am impressed with your level of service.

Ian L Clark, Director, Essa, Brasil

I am really very thankful to you... I have purchased the software from one of the best supporting companies in this world.

K. Arunkumar, CEO – Operations, Sakthi Solutions & Services, India

Pipe Flow Expert is the most reasonable value on price... I decided to give it a try on one of my prestigious Oil and Gas Projects which involves 60 pipe lines... At first I calculated manually for days and nights... Once I bought this software, i have realized THE SPEED, THE NEED and THE VALUE.

CY Fan , Mechanical Engineer, Perunding EMSA Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

I have performed a data match with a small diameter pipe system... the flow rates at two fixed pressure drop values matched perfectly! Thanks again for your excellent support. Your detailed answers to my questions has impressed our engineering department, including our company president.

Tony Gerwe, Morris Technologies, Inc.

Thank you very much... The service that I have received from your group is exemplary - again it is very much appreciated.

Keith McLeod, FlexPipe Systems

I have installed it [PipeFlow Expert] on my new Apple Macbook Pro. It runs well in Bootcamp... very happy with what I have been able to do in Pipeflow. It is [also] running under VM Fusion in Unity View.

Geoff Boughton, TimberED Services, Australia

This system [Pipe Flow Expert] has been great to learn and work with - I've modeled an entire 1000 room casino cooling system - playing with pumps at different locations, re-piping. This is a powerful tool...

Lawrence Stephens, Canon Engineering

I would like to say that the program has been most helpful so far. I have used it in two projects, it is very user friendly.

E Kvinge, Structural Engineer, Marine Aluminium AS

Thank you very much for your help and the rapid response to solve our problem.

Paulo Jose de Azevedo Velasco, Mechanical Engineer, PETROBRAS - PETROLEO BRASILEIRO S.A.

Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting such a prompt reply! ...Thank you very much, it works fine.
I will recommend your company to anyone who looks for a similar software: you give better service from overseas than many local stores!!!!

Louis Robitaille, Compresseurs Robitaille

Thank you very much for your prompt response and the advice given. I wish to record that this is fantastic service indeed!

Donald Makini, Engineer, Solomon Islands

Your User Guide is great, I was able to solve a lot of issues with it... I am very pleased to work with Pipe Flow Expert, it is an excellent product and helped me in several projects.

Fernando M. de Mello, Guarani S.A

Thank you for the quick support, the solution just worked perfectly.

Csaba Moharos, Design Engineer, Matre Maskin AS

Unbelievable speed. :-) Fedex delivered the USB stick to me this afternoon. You must be COMPLIMENTED for unmatched service and support of your software.

John D Colborne, Fire Management & Design Services, South Africa

I have used the Pipe Flow program for several systems and find it user friendly and easy to analyze the results. The support staff at Pipe Flow are very helpful and knowledgeable of modeling techniques and problem solving of pipe networks.

John Wadja, Eastern Ship Building

Your Pipe Flow product has helped me tremendously. I've been able to alleviate a few restriction problems where we thought we might need an additional pump.

Rico, Senior Manager, Project Engineering, Constar International Inc.

This is the genuine email we received from Rick Fuller, a user of Pipe Flow Software. If we had made it up, it would not have read this good!

Email from Rick Fuller:

I have to tell you how pleased I am with all of your products. In the beginning I used Pipe Flow Wizard and Flow Advisor often. But since my purchase of Pipe Flow Expert I find that I now use that product quite often as well.

Currently, I am doing a lot of hydraulic modeling, sanitary sewer flow analysis, and design work for Richmond, CA. Your hydraulic software tools have become absolutely essential to me in doing my work.

I also appreciate the attention you give to updates. In fact, I truly appreciate the personal response you provided me when I told you I was working with sanitary sewer lines below sea level necessitating my request for you to provide negative invert elevations in Pipe Flow Expert. You turned that request into reality in just a matter of days!! Thank you for that.

Finally, given my constant tinkering with my computers and operating systems and my proclivity to edit my system registry, I have caused myself numerous problems, as you well know. Your response to my need, several times now, to get my software functional has been immediate. I have never been down for more than 24 hours.

Your customer support for your excellent products is simply superb. In closing, let me say that I cannot speak highly enough of PipeFlow, your support and your products. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

Rick Fuller
Senior Project Manager, Richmond CA

This is the genuine email we received from Al Truss, a user of Pipe Flow Software.

Email from Al Truss:

I wanted to thank-you for the prompt, exemplary service you gave me. Receiving a customer service phone call from overseas was a bit unexpected, but it certainly emphasized to me the commitment you have to your customers, and to your desire for the successful installation and operation of your software. Your courteous and insightful assistance in helping me to resolve the issue has bolstered my confidence in your company and your products all the more.

Our original purchase of Pipe Flow Expert has revolutionized the way we design, bringing a level of expertise to our work that has been instrumental in helping us to achieve greater energy efficiency in our fluid systems.

The integration of your software into our design workflow has helped propel our company to be recognized as a leader by the top companies in our industry. We are committed to using Pipe Flow Expert to advance our system designs, and look forward to what you might incorporate in future releases.

Al Truss
Fountainhead Group Consulting Ltd, Canada

This is the genuine email we received from Steve Bowins, a user of Pipe Flow Software.

Email from Steve Bowins:

I’ve had my first run at modelling an existing system which has been a problem for one of our clients. I have to say, that I am very impressed with the software and it has enabled us to verify and incorporate possible solutions for the problem.

Having done this with no previous experience on the software, with occasional references to the manual and to the example systems, it is a testament to the user friendly nature of the software.

Steve Bowins
Bowins Group, Australia

This is the genuine email we received from Mr Francisco Gottlieb, a user of Pipe Flow Software.

Email from Mr Francisco Gottlieb:

We have modelled two systems: an airport refuelling system (200 nodes) and an oil pump station fire suppression system (sprinklers and standpipes) and are very happy with the results of the [Pipe Flow Expert] software and your service.

The software is easy to use and easy to learn. The customer service is excellent. We made two modelling inquiries which were solved overnight.

We had two problems with software and hardware (USB failure and lost license code) which also were solved overnight. Thank you.

Francisco Gottlieb
Mechanical Engineer

This is the genuine email we received from Mr Lau, a user of Pipe Flow Software.

Email from Mr Lau:

First thanks a lot for your very quick and helpful response. We have briefly looked into other software as well, but your support response alone makes me a firm believer that we have made the right choice with Pipe Flow.

I really appreciate your exhaustive and very detailed response - all that within a matter of only a few hours, even up to the early evening hours in Europe. This is world-class support rivaling, if not surpassing even the biggest software companies with worldwide operations. This helps us tremendously to finish a project with very tight deadlines. I’m really very happy that we decided to purchase Pipe Flow Expert and would recommend it to anyone.

Kar-Wing Lau
VP of Operations, Allied Control

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