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Thursday 22nd February 2024   
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Europump's System Efficiency Guide and Pipe Flow Energy software

System Efficiency - A Guide for Energy Efficient Rotodynamic Pumping Systems is the latest publication from Europump, the European pump manufacturers association.

System Efficiency, A Guide for Energy Efficient Rotodynamic Pumping Systems Each guide contains a copy of Pipe Flow Energy on CD, a bespoke application that was produced by PipeFlow.co.uk to demonstrate the effect of pipe sizing on system efficiency.

The new Europump guide on System efficiency gives clear and authoritative data on how to optimise energy consumption within rotodynamic pumping systems.

It covers the following topics:
  • Basic Plant layout
  • Pipework configuration and restrictions
  • Liquid velocity in pipework
  • System characteristics and pump selection
  • Pump/system control
The System Efficiency Guide is sold together with Pipe Flow Energy software from PipeFlow.co.uk.

Pipe Flow Energy Software

Pipe Flow Energy Software on CD The Pipe Flow Energy software estimates the energy used in a pumping system when selecting different pipe sizes. Choosing pipe sizes that give fluid velocities within the recommended ranges detailed within the System Efficiency Guide is important to produce a more efficient system that will save energy usage. The Pipe Flow Energy software is designed to quickly show a comparison of the energy used in systems with different pipe sizes.

For a limited time the Pipe Flow Energy Software can de downloaded for free so that you can see how changes in pipe sizes and fluid velocities can have a dramatic effect on the energy requirements of a system, and hence the energy that can be saved.

Download the Pipe Flow Energy Software for free

Note: When asked, choose Run (rather than Save) to automatically install the Pipe Flow Energy software.

And Don't Forget to Purchase the System Efficiency Guide

While the Pipe Flow Energy Software can quickly show you how a small change in pipe size and fluid velocity can have a significant effect on energy usage, you need to purchase the System Efficiency Guide itself to get a full explanation of best practices in plant / pipework design and the selection of appropriately sized, energy efficient pumps.

Copies of the guide may be purchased from Europump and their country specific member organisations.

U.K. companies can Purchase the System Efficiency Guide from the BPMA in the UK

European companies can purchase the guide from their local Europump member association.

Or purchase direct from www.europump.org by downloading a System Efficiency Guide Order Form

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