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Saturday 15th August 2020   
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Pipe Flow 3D - Pressure Drops for Single Supply Network

Pipe Flow 3D has been superseded by our latest and much more capable program Pipe Flow Expert.

Existing users of Pipe Flow 3D can obtain a 25% discount when upgrading to Pipe Flow Expert. Simply email us with your original purchase information and we will email you a discount code.

We are still selling small numbers of Pipe Flow 3D to existing customers or to those people who specifically email us and request it.

Pipe Flow 3D is a professional tool that calculates pressure losses in single supply pipe work systems where the flows are already known.

The user must set the flows and then Pipe Flow 3D will analyse the pressure drops in the system.

It can help you to:
  • Calculate the fluid friction pressure loss in individual pipes.
  • Calculate the overall system pressure drop.
  • Check the full flow rate will reach the pump.
  • Check the NPSH available.
A comprehensive Fluid Database is included with viscosity and density of common fluids.
Pipe Flow 3D, pressure drop and pressure loss calculations on a network of pipes.

Buy Pipe Flow 3D to calculate pressure drops for known flow rates

  [ Now superseded by
          Pipe Flow Expert
The Pipe Work System can be designed by drawing on the ‘3D’ grid.
Calculate pressure drops through pipe networks.
Each pipe is drawn by dragging the mouse from the previous pipe position, to a new grid intersection, and clicking to confirm the new pipe position. Options are provided to add supply container, pump and discharge container(s). Branch lines can be added as needed, each branch line ends with either another container or an open outlet.

The pressure loss data for each pipe is calculated as each pipe is drawn.

The material and size of each pipe is drawn using the default drawing size / flow chosen by the user.

Once the system drawing has been completed, the length, diameter, flow rate and direction of any pipe can be changed as required. New pipes can be inserted into the system, or pipes may be deleted from the system.
PipeFlow 3D makes Pressure Drop Calculations easy.
Pipe pressure loss, pipe containers and fittings and overall system pressure drop.
The fluid velocity, viscosity and density is used to calculate the Reynold’s number. The roughness of the inside of the pipe and the internal pipe diameter is used to calculate the ‘relative roughness’ of the pipe.

The Reynold’s number and ‘relative roughness’ are used to establish the friction factor and the flow type.

The pipe friction loss is displayed in either m head (or ft. head). The friction loss due to pipework fittings is also displayed.

The pipe friction loss, the effect of any rise or fall, the friction loss due to pipework fittings, and any fixed pressure together with the fluid density is used to calculate the total pressure drop. The total pressure drop is displayed in either bar, kPa, or psi.

By moving the cursor to any pipe joint node the data for that selected pipe can be displayed.

PipeFlow 3D can help you save time and money.

Click here to download PipeFlow 3D for a FREE trial!

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