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Tuesday 23rd April 2024   
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Flow Advisor - Weir Flow Calculations

Flow from Weirs

Flow from Weirs may be used to estimate the water flow rate discharged. The calculations can be performed on different types of weir:
  • Rectangular weir with end contractions.
  • Trapezoidal weir with sloping end contactions.
  • Triangular weir with end contractions.
  • Smooth channel (horizontal) without contactions.
Find flow discharge over weirs
Channel Flow and Tank Flow Calculations, find flow, volume, weight, expansion, tank empty times

Buy Flow Advisor to calculate flows in channels and tanks

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Weir Calculations

Each design needs a different calculation method to estimate the flow rate.
All four calculations methods use the weir dimensions, the water head (raised to some power - different for each design), and a constant factor (again different for each design.)
Each type of 'Weir' has an appropriate calculation screen.
Select a calculation screen by choosing a weir type.
Enter the data for your application.
Click the 'Calculate button'.
Flow Advisor for Channels and Tanks can help you save time and money.

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