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Saturday 15th December 2018   
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Pipe Flow 3D - Fluid Flow Factors

Summary of the items to consider when calculating pressure drops.

Factors that affect fluid flow

Fluid flow in pipes is affected by many different factors:

  • The viscosity, density, and velocity of the fluid.
  • Changes in the fluid temperature will change the viscosity & density of the fluid.
  • The length, inner diameter, and in the case of turbulent flow, the internal roughness of the pipe.
  • The position of the supply and discharge containers relative to the pump position.
  • The addition of rises & falls within the pipe layout.
  • The number & types of bends in the pipe layout.
  • The number & types of valves, & other fittings, in the pipe layout.
  • Entrance & exit conditions of the pipe work.
Pipe Flow 3D, pressure drop and pressure loss calculations on a network of pipes.

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Calculating the fluid head

When all of the above information is known, the following steps must be carried out to determine the fluid head necessary to overcome the flow of the fluid through the pipe work layout:

  • Calculate the Reynolds number
  • Determine if the flow is Laminar or Turbulent
  • Calculate the friction factor for either Laminar flow or Turbulent flow
  • Calculate the fluid head resistance to overcome the flow through the pipe work
  • Determine the K factors for the fittings within the pipe work layout
  • Calculate the fluid head resistance to overcome the flow through the fittings
  • Determine which lengths & components within the pipe work layout are significant in establishing the maximum fluid head to be considered (branch lines may be important).
The effect of fluid density & gravity must be applied to the maximum fluid head to calculate the pressure required to overcome the resistance to fluid flow.

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