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Friday 9th October 2015   
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Verification of Pipe Flow Expert Calculation Results

Pipe Flow Expert Results Data

Flow and pressure loss calculations verification The Pipe Flow Expert calculation results have been verified by comparison to published results data from a number of well known sources. In all 40 plus test cases, the Pipe Flow Expert results compared very favourably.

Download Pipe Flow Expert Results Verification (approx 3Mb)

It can also be checked that the Pipe Flow Expert calculation results agree with the fundamental equations for pressures and flows in pipe networks. This includes comparison to the governing flow continuity equations and the conservation of energy equations that follow pressure losses around loops in a pipe network.

The Pipe Flow Expert results have also been compared to results produced by other analytical methods and they have been found to be in good agreement.

Pipe Flow Expert is currently used worldwide by many users in over 80 countries.

The trial version of the Pipe Flow Expert software allows the user to draw systems with up to 5 pipes. The user can then check the results from these systems against their own known data to confirm that Pipe Flow Expert produces the answers they expect.

The software also contains a number of example systems with more than 5 pipes, which can be solved, even in trial mode. The results obtained from solving these networks can be verified by solving the same system using a different method or program and comparing the results.

While we believe the results produced by Pipe Flow Expert to be accurate we must include the following disclaimer: Although every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of calculations and correct program operation, no warranty can be given or implied for the results obtained. Should the program malfunction for any reason whatsoever neither PipeFlow.co.uk, Daxesoft Ltd nor Oakleigh Technical Software shall be liable for any indirect or consequential loss. The allocation of risk in the License Agreement reflects the price paid for the Program, and that the limit of liability will be restricted to this sum.

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