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Tuesday 7th April 2020   
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Pipe Flow Wizard - Fluid Database

The fluid data may be changed by clicking the 'Change fluid' button to display the Fluid data base screen.

Select an item from the 'Fluid data listing' to copy the data to transfer boxes at the top of the screen.

Click 'Use this data' to transfer the data to the appropriate calculation screen.

New entries may be added to the 'Fluid data listing':

Amend the data in the 4 transfer boxes at the top of the screen and click 'Add this data to list', the new data will be added to the 'Fluid data listing', the new list will be sorted in to alphabetical order.
Pipe Flow Wizard Calculations, find pressure loss, flow rate, pipe size, pipe length

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Pipe Flow Wizard contains an extensive fluid database of liquids and gases. The 'Liquids' or 'Gases' radio buttons may be used to display either Liquid or Gas data listings (Selecting 'Gases' will change the nature of the calculation, and you may need to re-assess the flow rate value to be used).

User entries may be removed, select the appropriate entry and click 'Remove user entry'.

The LIQUID database includes 'Kinematic viscosities' in Centistokes and
Density in kg / m^3 x 10^-3

The density value is also known as RELATIVE DENSITY (formerly this value was known as Specific Gravity).

The fluid data can only be changed if the Pipe Flow Wizard program has been registered.

Olive oil is the only fluid which may be used in an un-registered version of Pipe Flow Wizard.

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