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Sunday 19th January 2020   
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Pipe Flow Wizard - Pipe Fittings

The type and quantity of various valves and fittings associated with the pipe can be set by amending the values on the 'Pipe fittings' screen.

Click the 'Valve' button to display the 'Pipe fittings' screen.

Enter the quantity of bends, fittings, valves etc. in the appropriate input boxes, click 'OK' to return to the calculation screen.

The total quantity of fittings will be displayed on the 'Valve' button, on the appropriate calculation screen.

If the fitting type required is not displayed an appropriate entry in the other 'K' factor input box can be used to include the pressure drop of the fitting in the calculation.
Pipe Flow Wizard Calculations, find pressure loss, flow rate, pipe size, pipe length

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Pipe Flow Wizard contains a useful set of pipe fittings and associated data. Where two or more of these fittings are required the 'K' factor for each fitting should be added together and the total 'K' value should be entered.

When a 'Find diameter' calculation is carried out, it may be necessary to first estimate the pipe diameter to allow the 'K' factor to be established (perform the calculation without the 'K' factor data to estimate the pipe diameter).

Generally the effect of pipe fittings are considered as minor losses.

The pressure loss of a fitting (m hd or ft.hd) is calculated using the 'K' factor as shown here where:

hd loss = v^2 / 2g
v = fluid velocity (m/s or ft/s)
g = 9.806 m/s^2 or 32.174 ft/s^2

On occasion the pressure loss of a fitting is expressed as an 'Equivalent length' of pipe.

Pipe Flow Wizard does not allow the use of equivalent length of pipe.

The 'K' factor of a fitting may be calculated from the 'Equivalent length' (Eq.) (in m or ft.) if the friction factor (ff) and the Internal diameter (i.d.) (in m or ft.) is known.

The 'Equivalent length' and 'Internal diameter' must be in the same units to calculate the 'K' factor.

K = (Eq. * ff) / i.d.

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