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Monday 31st August 2015   
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Pipe Flow Software - Flow Rate & Pressure Drop Calculator Software

  For international customers interested in Pipe Flow Software we also have a website at www.pipeflow.com
Piping Design Software: Pipe Flow and Pressure Drop Calculations

Calculate pipe pressure dropPipe Flow Expert Software: Calculate flow rates & pipe pressure drops   Try Pipe Flow Expert now!
Get instant and accurate flow rates and pressure drops Pipe Flow Software Testimonials: 'Great software', 'Excellent support'   Buy & License in < 2 minutes!
Download Pipe Flow Expert SoftwareDownload Pipe Flow Expert for a Free Trial: See why it's used in over 75 countries worldwide

Pipe Flow Expert, Pipe Flow & Pressure Drop Calculations in Complex Pipe Networks
Pipe Flow Expert
Calculate pressure loss & flow rate in pipe systems. Models open/closed loops, components & pump curves. Includes Fluids & Pipes Database.

Enhanced Calculations
Improved Interface
Pipe Flow Expert software for flow and pressure drop calculations. Solve Pipe Networks
  • Up to 1000 pipes
  • Flow calculations
  • Pipe pressure drops
  • Re-circulating systems
  • Pump curves & NPSHa
  • Flow controls & demands

  • Interactive Results
    Isometric 3D Drawing
    New Example Systems

    Try Pipe Flow Expert for pressure drop and flow calculations Download Pipe Flow Expert - Free Trial         Download Pipe Flow Expert Brochure


    Video Demo of Pipe Flow Expert Software - Click to Play

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    Pipe Flow Expert Customer Testimonials

        "After using Pipe Flow Expert for a couple days, it seems like a wonderful piece of software!"
    Paul Elvikis, Engineers without borders
        "Regarding the Pipe Flow Expert, I have to say that it is an excellent program."
    Nash Bakhit , Atlas Copco Compressors, Australia
        "Your customer support for your excellent products is simply superb"
    Rick Fuller, Senior Project Manager, Richmond CA

    Prices are shown in British Pounds: 1.00 GBP is approx $1.58 US Dollars or approx €1.44 Euro

    Buy Pipe Flow Expert Lite Software for pressure drop and flow calculations 495 - Pipe Flow Expert Lite (25 Pipes) - Single User via Download (approx $785 USD)
    Buy Pipe Flow Expert Software for pressure loss and pipe flow calculations 1495 - Pipe Flow Expert (1000 Pipes) - Single User via Download (approx $2365 USD)
    Pipe Flow Expert Software Annual Support Annual Support info for Pipe Flow Expert - Includes Email Support & New Release Upgrades
    Pipe Flow Expert Software Network Licenses 5 and 10 User Network Licenses are now available for Pipe Flow Expert
    Pipe Flow Expert Software Ordering and Purchasing Options Buy Pipe Flow Expert Software
    Pipe Flow Expert Lite for small networks, up to 25 pipes  (everything else same as full version)

    Read more about PF Expert: Pipe Flow Calculations and Pipe Pressure Drop Calculations


    Pipe Flow Wizard Calculations, find pressure loss, flow rate, pipe size, pipe length
    Pipe Flow Wizard
    Performs "What if?" calculations on liquid flow and gas flow in a pipe. Find pipe pressure drop, flow rate, pipe diameter, or pipe length. Fluids database included.
    Pipe Flow Calculator, Pipe Flow Wizard for flow and pressure drop calculations on a single pipe Pressure Loss Calculator
  • Liquids and Gases
  • Incl. Compressed Air
  • Calculate Flow in a Pipe
  • Calculate Pressure Drop
  • Calculate Pipe Length
  • Calculate Pipe Diameter

  • Read more about Pressure Drop in Pipes ...
    "Let me say that I cannot speak highly enough of
     Pipe Flow, your support and your products"

    Rick Fuller, Senior Project Manager, Richmond CA
    Try Pipe Flow Wizard for single pipe pressure drop and flow calculations Download Pipe Flow Wizard for a free trial
    Buy Pipe Flow Wizard Software for single pipe pressure drop and flow calculations 95 - Pipe Flow Wizard, 1 User License (approx $155 USD)


    Flow Advisor - Calculates flow in open channels and flow from tanks.

    Pipe Flow Advisor
    Flow Advisor calculates tank empty times and water flow rates in channels using the manning equation.
    Flow in Channels...
    Pipe Flow Advisor for channels and tanks and partial filled pipes For Channels & Tanks
  • Part filled pipes
  • Open channel flow
  • Water flow rates
  • Tank empty times
  • Volume & capacity
  • Weight & expansion
  • Try Flow Advisor for Channels and Tanks Download Pipe Flow Advisor for a free trial
    Buy Flow Advisor Software for Channel and Tank Flow Calculations 49 - Pipe Flow Advisor, 1 User License (approx $85 USD)


    Convert 123, Get your own branded version of this software to give-away as a promotional tool and keep your name in front of your customers

    Free Software OR
    Buy a Branded Version

    Convert 123
    Convert between many different units and measurements, including area, density, energy, flow rate, force, length, mass, & more.
    Unit Conversions...
    Get Convert123 branded with your company name and logo to give-away as promotional software Promote Your Name
    Get a Branded Version
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  • One Fee. Unlimited Use.

  • Give-Away promotional software with your name on. One-Off fee for branding & unlimited use.
    Get Convert 123 Software Download a copy of Convert123
    Buy Convert 123 branded with your company name and logo, to give-away as promotional software 295 - Convert 123, Branded for Your Company, unlimited distribution (approx $475)


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    Pipe Flow Software for professional engineers is used in over 80 countries worldwide, by over 1900 companies and consultants, wherever there is a need to calculate pipe flow and pressure loss.

    Pipe Flow Software Located at Springfield House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5BG, England.
    Phone: +44 1625 509142. .

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